Little knowledge of glass Foundation

Little knowledge of glass Foundation

The glass according to the functions, can be used to drink, tea, fruit juice drink; according to the use, can be used as glass glass craft gifts, promotional gifts, souvenirs; press materials and crystal cup, glass etc.. If the glass and physics knowledge combined, the glass can play what role, the glass and what physical knowledge? Next, let's talk about the physics knowledge of a glass with little knowledge.

The physical properties of glass are mainly manifested in four aspects: acoustics, optics, heat and mechanics.

Acoustic aspects

1. use the chopsticks light small buckle hit the glass mouth, you will hear the glass issued a crisp sound; when not use chopsticks knock, the glass will not make a sound. It shows that the sound is produced by the vibration of the vocal body; when the vibration stops, the sound is stopped.

2. put different quality water in the same glass, so that the water level is different. When you use chopsticks to light the small glass button, it will give you a wonderful music with different tunes". The length of the vocal body is different, and the tone of the sound is also different.

3. if you take two different thickness of the glass, with chopsticks light small buckle hit the cup mouth, you will find that the two cups sound tone is not the same. This is also a way to judge the quality of a bowl, cup, plate and so on when we buy a bowl in the market.

Optical aspects

1. with a glass filled with water, placed in the sun, there will be found in the back of its colorful light band. The dispersion of light is explained.

2. put a coin in the glass, then retreat to the coin, and then add water to the glass. As the amount of water increases, you can see the coin. The refraction of light from the air into the water is refracted.

3. see the object on the other side through a glass full of water, and feel the object magnified. The water glasses in the match with a magnifying glass, can become the erect and enlarged image.

Thermal aspects

In the summer of 1., a glass into a popsicle, placed in the air for a period of time, will find the glass on the outer wall of the "sweating". The water vapor liquefaction in air is described.

2. in both the same glass, respectively hot water and cold water, and then drop a few drops of red ink, after a while, will find the red ink in the hot water cup will soon disperse. It is shown that the higher the temperature, the faster the diffusion process, and the irregular motion of molecules becomes intense.

Mechanical aspects

1. take a piece of foam on the horizontal table, and put a glass cup and glass bottom on the foam separately, it will find that when the glass cup is placed on the foam, the degree of its fall into the more significant. When the pressure is constant, the smaller the force area is, the more remarkable the pressure effect is, and the greater the pressure is.

2. in a glass filled with water, and then use a piece of cardboard covered in the above, the upside down will find hard disk is not available, the water will not flow out. The existence of atmospheric pressure is explained.

3. in a glass filled with rice, then a chopsticks vertically inserted into the cup in the middle of the meters, and the average rice extrusion in the cup, add to a certain amount of water, over a period of time, go against the chopsticks, you will see the entire glass was also mentioned. It shows that after adding water, the expansion of rice increases the pressure on the chopsticks, and increases the friction force.

4. in a container filled with water, put a glass, not only will not sink to the bottom of the container, and put some stones in the glass will not sink. The method of "hollow" is adopted to increase the volume of boiled water and increase the available buoyancy.

5. will put a glass on a horizontal table, to pull its uniform sliding with spring balance; then the glass on the level of the desktop, and then with DanHuangCheng pull its uniform move, will find the two conditions of the spring scale shows the number of different. Under the same premise, the dynamic friction is smaller than the sliding friction force.

6. with a glass filled into the appropriate amount of water, put a piece of cardboard on top of it, and then put an egg on top, quickly force the cardboard shot out, will find the egg into the water in the cup. It shows that eggs have inertia.

Electrical aspects

1. the two ends of a small bulb circuit are connected to the bottom of the glass and the bottom of the glass respectively, and the switch is closed, and the bulb is not luminous. It shows that glass is an insulator.

2. In the experiment, if the glass with alcohol burner heating to flaming state, will find gradually light bulb. It shows that there is no definite boundary between conductor and insulator.

The physics of glass seems to be closely related to our daily life. Understanding these small sense of the glass, not only can we make up a review of middle school physics knowledge, but also enhance our daily life on the glass more familiar.

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